Meet the Team

Anthony Bogdanovich

Founder and General Manager

Born and raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Anthony has always had a special bond with this wonderful beachfront community. Growing up, he spent most of his days either at the beach or in his garage, playing music with his best friends. 

He attended UC Santa Barbara, double majoring in both business and accounting. After graduation he moved back to his hometown of San Pedro, CA. 

“I always loved its quaint, small town atmosphere and being close to family is extremely important to me.” 

He worked for years managing operations of a medical equipment company but wanted something that would scream creativity. 

At 27, he started his first business, Imagine Lighting Company, providing holiday lighting and decor for the local community. “I had the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people, many of which we still work with today. That first season was so much fun, but everyone would ask, “What do you do the rest of the year?”. I really didn’t have much of an answer until one of my clients asked if I could fix the lights in his garden. He was really happy with his lighting during the holidays and It was the most gorgeous house. I just couldn’t say no.”

“The end results were absolutely breathtaking and caught notice in the neighborhood. From that point on, outdoor lighting became a passion.”

Anthony immersed himself in the industry and quickly developed a reputation for creating beautiful designs. He also spent countless hours researching and applying best installation practices, pairing gorgeous lighting with perfectly built systems. 

“California Outdoor Lighting was created with one goal in mind. Design and build the very best outdoor lighting scenes in California, period.” 

For over 15 years, Anthony has dedicated his life to two things. Building his business with integrity and his wonderful family. 

“I can truly say that I absolutely love what I do! Lighting is my passion and I never want to stop learning. I’m also very blessed to have the most supportive wife and 4 amazing children! They are my light and hopefully I’m setting a good example.”

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Michael Holland

Operations Manager

Mike was born and raised in the port town of San Pedro, CA. Much like the ships in the harbor, Mike came and went often, having found the excitement of travel and exploration at a young age.

“As much as I loved to see what the rest of the world had to offer, I always loved coming home! That might be what I enjoy the most about California Outdoor Lighting – helping people to come home well.”

Mike has lived in places like Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA, and Telemark, Norway. As much as he enjoyed embracing the cultures and communities that he lived in, he always seemed to be called back home.

Mike spent much of his professional career in the fitness industry as a trainer, manager, director, and even gym owner. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science, and then continued his education with a Master’s in Exercise and Nutrition. His pursuits were driven by his ambition to serve others.

“I just figured that if I truly wanted to help others, I needed to be willing to be a student, not just a teacher; willing to listen and learn, and not alway the one speaking.”

His other career choices have been community service-driven as well. Mike has worked catching shoplifters, in a physical therapy office, as a substitute teacher, and EMT, and as a youth pastor. All of these jobs had one thing in common – one golden thread. The service of others.

“My dad was a firefighter and my mom was a Sunday school teacher and water aerobics instructor. They showed me the value of serving others. They didn’t need to say it, they lived it.”

Mike is married to his lovely wife Stephanie, and they have four children of their own – Eli, Emma, Levi, and Everett. Mike works hard to be a loving husband and a good example to his kids, but also says,

“At the end of the day, I work hard because it’s the right thing to do.”

As the Operations Manager for California Outdoor Lighting, Mike supports the creative direction of owner and lighting designer Anthony. He is also tasked with building and leading work crews. In the lighting industry, he has found a great use for his hobbies of woodworking and masonry as well.

“I feel like our work speaks for itself. We do more than delivery safety, security, and serenity. Our work shows that we take pride in what we do, we are thoughtful, and we believe in good craftsmanship. But above all, our work says ‘Welcome home!'”

Adrienne Yip

Executive Assistant

Born and raised in Monterey Park, Adrienne takes pride in her blended family and is the eldest of four girls.  Growing up, she inherited the Chinese-Hawaiian culture from her father and a passion for her Hispanic culture from her mother.  When speaking of her family she says,

“Family is the most important part of our lives.  They teach us the value of love, kindness, honesty, and selflessness. Having parents who’ve created such a positive environment provided me a setting for personal growth and has made me appreciate those who I’ve encountered in my life.”

As our lead office assistant, Adrienne is the first point of contact for our customers and has great communication skills. She’s very detail oriented, and has been an asset since day one. Her friendly demeanor and easy going personality make her a perfect fit for our company.

A mother of two girls-Sophie and Aribella; Adrienne makes it her mission every day to show her daughters true strength and determination.   She hopes that she inspires her daughters to work towards their dreams and never lose faith when the going gets tough.  Adrienne enjoys traveling with her family, exploring different hiking trails, and taking her kids to Disneyland, especially during the Holiday season.  On days where she is not patiently waiting in line for Disney rides, she enjoys doing yoga, practicing meditation, playing her guitar, and listening to music.

Dinnay Seung

Installation and Maintenance Technician


Talk about a fast learner, Dinnay came to us with absolutely no experience but you could tell
right away, that this young man was extremely capable.

Dinnay is the kind of guy who only needs instructions once, from there on, you can expect the
job to be done right. In a short time, Dinnay has been able to work on some massive projects
and the learning curve has been steep. The one thing to expect about custom lighting work is
lots of challenges.

Dinnay also has a very specific attention to detail, which is a requirement for all of our staff. It
just comes naturally to him which makes him an excellent team member and a perfect fit at
California Outdoor Lighting.

In his off time, Dinnay enjoys working on and tricking out cars. It’s a hobby that plays well with
his strengths. He also enjoys volleyball and spending time with family.

Edward Sanchez

Installation and Maintenance Technician

Ever meet someone who just wants to learn everything? Well, that’s Eddie. He’s like a sponge
and in his short time at California Outdoor Lighting, Eddie has always given 110%! Before
joining our crew, we knew Eddie on a more personal level. He always seemed intrigued with
small business and was super inquisitive.

One day asked if he could ride along with us to a job site. He spent the entire day digging and
wiring fixtures and was able to see the results of his hard work firsthand. It was a great
experience for all of us, and now he’s a very important part of our team.

Since then, Eddie has had the opportunity to learn and grow, using all kinds of tools for the first
time. He comes in every day with a level of excitement you can see, wondering what he might
learn that day!

On his off time, Eddie enjoys a lot of outdoor activities like golf and snowboarding, and one day
hopes to run his own businesses.

Matthew Rodrigues

Installation and Maintenance Technician

When it comes to a jack of all trades, Matt fits the bill! Matt came to us after serving our
country in the Army. A mechanic during his service, he has great aptitude for using the tools of
our trade.

Matt is a craftsman as well. As an avid woodworker, his skills really came through when
fabricating all of our hardware for GLOW. He proved to be a valuable asset and his mechanic’s
mind is perfect for solving problems.

He is also a devout Christian and spends much of his off time using his skills to help his church
with absolutely anything that needs to be done. This attitude is why he fits like a glove with the
California Outdoor Lighting Team!