Quality Products

Overall Value For Your Dollar is a Must!

We use nothing but the finest products to enhance your architecture and landscape because outdoor environments can be brutal. The elements in any climate can be unforgiving so why spend good money on inferior products?

Many of our customers are currently on their second or third so called “professionally installed lighting system”, and almost every time the product fails. Not all lighting is created equal and you do really get what you pay for.

The Components of Your Lighting System

Fixtures for Life

Our fixtures are made to stand the test of time in the worst of conditions. Constructed of brass, bronze or copper, we guarantee our fixtures for life and have several options and finishes to match your home’s unique style.

Superior LED Lamps 

Some say an LED lamp is an LED lamp, but we assure you not all lamps are created equal. 

The main cause of an LED lamp failure is heat. Most fixtures we use are made of some type of metal, and metal absorbs heat. Our LED lamps and integrated LED fixtures are designed to be used for that specific purpose. 

Stainless Steel Transformers

We use nothing but UL listed stainless steel transformers, rated specifically for the exact lighting application. (Lighting for ponds and water features require transformers UL listed for that use.) 


  • Resin-sealed toroidal core – ensures for the highest possible efficiency
  • Full transformer capacity can be loaded into any single voltage tap
  • Voltage taps of 12, 13, 14, and 15 Volts
  • Extra-large 125 Amp terminal blocks – to accommodate up to (10) #12/2 wires
  • Secondary magnetic circuit breakers
  • Stainless steel enclosure

Marine Grade Wiring

The wire from the transformer to each fixture are the veins of your lighting system. That’s why marine grade, tin-coated copper wire is also a must for the systems we build! This dramatically extends the life of the most important part of your investment. The most expensive landscape lighting component to replace is bad wire. The labor involved can be extremely cumbersome, especially in landscapes that have matured. The extra cost is negligible when you consider the value.

Water-Proof Connections

Bad connections are hazards for so many reasons. 

Electrical connections that aren’t properly waterproofed let water in easily, degrading the wire and causing the splice to fail. This eventually leads to corrosion bleeding up the wire to the transformer, causing major energy loss and a failed system. Wire nuts are absolutely the worst at keeping water out and are responsible for many of the repair calls we get.

Wire nuts also present major fire hazards. Arching between loose strands of wire in the cap can cause shorts that won’t trip the breakers in your transformer. This is a major cause of landscape lighting related fires.

Did you know that wire nuts are the preferred installation method used by most of our competition?

Wherever possible we dip solder our connections. There is no better way to waterproof and fireproof your electrical connections. Water cannot penetrate the solid tin coating and the solder fills any gaps where arching can occur. When this isn’t possible, crimps and heat shrink are the best alternative. 

We want you to enjoy your lighting without the worry or disappointment of failure. That’s why we use the products we do.