ELLI (Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative)

ELLI (Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative)

ELLI’s mission is “To Educate and Separate.” The primary focus is to advance lighting design and to be the leading educational resource for landscape lighting.

ELLI’s purpose is to serve the landscape lighting practitioner and professionals by providing them with the tools, measures, and educational offerings that will ensure advancement and success.

Landscape lighting is a visual form of art – it should be treated as such.

ELLI’s educational offerings include the effects of light and nature, as well as psychology and physiology upon humans.

ELLI also studies human perspective, emotion, and well-being. These educational offerings utilize the principles of composition, as found in art, as it is the foundational building block to advance artistic skill sets.

ELLI also provides an educational gallery for those seeking advancement in this specialty art form. We are happy to be an ELLI contributor and believe that landscape lighting has a positive effect on human emotion and experience.

Our general manager, Anthony Bogdanovich also assists with teaching one of the many design courses that ELLI has to offer. There are several different offerings, guaranteed to advance one’s understanding of important design concepts.

ELLI currently has four different Series of Training :

Composition Series – Includes content related to composition, perception, and emotion, as it relates to design or lighting design.

Business Series – Includes content related to business operations and sales, but with a design-centric approach.

Application Series – Includes content related to lighting applications and specialized techniques.

Design Series – Includes content related to design and drawing techniques, documentation and graphics.

For more information on ELLI and all the benefits of its educational offerings, click the following link.

Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative