ILLI (International Landscape Lighting Institute)

ILLI (International Landscape Lighting Institute)

ILLI’s mission is to inform, educate, and promote the art and technology of landscape lighting; allowing people to safely and securely navigate in the dark while providing a beautiful nighttime environment.

ILLI is a community of lighting professionals

They are dedicated to implementing and teaching the newest technology in outdoor lighting. We are industry leaders with a passion for sharing our expertise and knowledge of landscape lighting with like-minded mentors, students, and fellow lighting professionals.

ILLI was founded in the 1990s by Janet Lennox Moyer, a renowned landscape lighting designer, and became a non-profit in 2010. The organization is governed by the ILLI Board of Directors.

Professionals and students in the field of landscape and lighting have an outstanding opportunity to learn design principles, gain practical experience, and explore a wide array of the latest equipment available from landscape lighting manufacturers.

Our organization provides Instructors or ‘Mentors’ for the ILLI Intensive Courses (IC).  Our Mentors are recruited from the long list of ILLI IC alumni who volunteer their time and their skills to teach and share their experience with a new generation of landscape lighting designers.

ILLI offers a hands-on Intensive Course

Geared to help people advance in their understanding of lighting design. This 5-day/5 evening class, created in the 1990s by internationally acclaimed lighting designer Janet Lennox Moyer, is instructed by a dedicated team of experienced professional lighting designers, installers, electricians, and pruning experts (Mentors).

Our high Mentor (16+) to Attendee (27 maximum) ratio was created to maximize the learning experience. The high ratio encourages course participants to be able to collaborate on the designs, see different design perspectives, and interact with the Mentors and other Attendees to form a cohesive design.

Upon completion of the Intensive Course attendees will have the knowledge and skills to conceptualize designs, document plans, and specify beautiful landscape lighting projects.

They will learn the technical skills of designing graphics and documentation, low-voltage lighting system installation, and the proper maintenance procedures to insure the longevity and beauty of your clients; landscape lighting systems.

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