Preserve the artistry and performance of your lighting scene

by selecting your ideal California Outdoor Lighting maintenance program.

Maintaining your lighting system ensures the integrity and longevity of the intended lighting design. Even with a perfectly operating lighting system, plants and trees shift and grow, landscapes change, and certain features may be added or removed. You will be comforted by the assurance that your lighting system will perform beautifully season after season.

Lighting Scene Maintenance Programs

Find the perfect program to protect your investment.

Silver Service

Recommended for properties with less than 50 fixtures. We will visit your property once a year to attend to your lighting scene and perform services.

Gold Service

Recommended for properties with more than 50 fixtures. We will visit your property twice a year to attend to your lighting scene and perform services. 

Platinum Service

Recommended for properties with more than 100 fixtures. We will visit your property quarterly to attend to your lighting scene and perform services.

Repairs can be expensive. Stay in front of inconvenient and costly service calls, saving both time and money!

Lighting Maintenance Services Include:

Lamp Replacement

Each lamp is specific and is used to set the scene of your very unique lighting system. As bulbs age, their brightness tends to dim. We will inspect all lamps and replace faulty LEDs that are under warranty at no cost.

Clean Fixtures and Lenses

Lights can appear dimmer when dirt, debris, and mineral deposits interfere with the light output. We will wholly inspect and clean each and every fixture and lens to keep your light scene lively.

Redirect Fixtures

Your low-voltage lighting system is in place to illuminate the beauty of your landscape and gorgeous features. As things grow redirecting fixtures is required to redistribute light patterns. Maybe your gardener just kicked a fixture over on accident. We’ll fix that too.

Transformer and Timer Inspection

Transformers and timers are working hard behind the scenes. We will inspect all transformers and timers for proper function, and make sure that your timers are set for the correct time of day and scheduled to highlight the beauty of your scene at the proper times.

Low-Voltage Electrical Maintenance Review

At times, landscape maintenance crews and gardeners might unknowingly expose or knick wires when replacing plants or working in yards. We will survey your scene for exposed wire and possible corrosion points. Physical damage to your lighting system may require additional repairs.

Landscape and Environment Analysis

Your plants are going to do what plants do, and given enough time, nature will always take over. Roots may push fixtures, branches and leaves may obstruct lamps and lenses. Maintenance includes clipping a branch here and there, thinning out some foliage or relocating a stone, etc. 

System Performance Audit

We will run your system through a full performance diagnostic check to ensure proper function at the highest level.


In the event that repair needs are identified, we will notify you of the situation immediately. Repair labor under service agreements are discounted at 20% off our normal labor rates.