Why Choose Us?

At California Outdoor Lighting, we follow a design first philosophy. Take a look at our gallery and you will see that we have crafted some amazing scenes. We know that we have the chops to create gorgeous lighting but that is only one part of the story. How about what you don’t see?

  • Superior Customer Service

    From the very first time you contact us or fast forward 15 years from now when we are servicing your lighting system once again, we want your experience with us to be the best! It is our goal to be quick in meeting your needs while always keeping an open ear. To understand we must listen, and we strive to communicate with you clearly and simply, every time.

    We have always believed in a culture of “Service First”. From top to bottom everyone at California Outdoor Lighting understands client satisfaction is the key to our success!

  • Uncompromising Quality

    We set the bar extremely high for both our employees and manufacturers. We strive to deliver greatness, for that our standards are absolutely uncompromising. This is why we only use equipment that is engineered and built to last. Fixtures should be attractive yet robust. After all, they spend their lifetime outdoors in rain, snow, intense heat and anything else Mother Nature decides to throw our way. They are also subject to abuse from people and animals. I don’t know about you, but we sure have seen our share of lights run over by grandma when cutting into the driveway.

    We only use products that can survive these types of environments and conditions, but materials and equipment are only one part of the equation. Our installation staff is trained to use all known “best installation practices” to ensure that our workmanship meets the quality of our materials. We double check every process and foremen constantly evaluate the job site to make sure no details are overlooked.

  • Integrity

    Our reputation is extremely important to us. It’s how we have grown and it’s how we will continue to grow. Honest and accountability are key to our company culture. We know that everyone makes mistakes, but how you handle those mistakes is what truly shows one’s character. In both life and business, character matters!

  • Award Winning Lighting Design

    Let’s not forget why you came across this site in the first place. Beautiful lighting is not just what we do, it’s all we do! We work hard to understand your needs, add some creative flair and deliver an amazing ambiance. It takes years to learn and develop the knowledge, even longer to understand how to best use light in each situation. 

    After designing hundreds of jobs and installing thousands of fixtures, we understand how light and landscapes best work together. Subtle or dramatic, we will create the ambiance or impact our clients demand!