Upgrade Your Lighting System to LED

Have a great lighting system but still use outdated halogen lamps? Now is the time to make the LED switch and save 80-85% of your energy consumption.

Upgrading to LED is simple and extremely cost effective . We have a replacement LED for any kind of fixture you may have from long ago.

Advantages of LED Lighting

Long Lamp Life – On average, our outdoor LED lamps last an average 40,000 – 50,000 hours before needing replacement.

Energy Efficiency – LEDs operate using a fraction of the energy when compared to halogen systems. You should notice a 80-85% reduction in system operating costs.

Durability – LED’s are far less susceptible to damage from shock or extreme changes in heat. Premature failure rates on our LED’s are far less than 1%.

Color Rendering / Appearance – Our LED lamps have a very high CRI (Color Rendering Index), giving you a more accurate depiction of an object’s true color. The days of “blueish looking”: light are over (unless you specifically want that look). LED technology also can give us the flexibility to change color completely. From rich reds to deep blues, the options are only as limited as the imagination. 

Eco-Friendly – Besides their minimal power consumption, LEDs aren’t filled with toxic metals that pollute our landfills and ground water.

Better System Construction – Lower wattages require less wire. Switching from a halogen system to LED gives you the opportunity to expand your lighting system without running more wire or adding additional transformers.

Design Flexibility – LEDs have revolutionized the industry. We now have much smaller light sources with better light quality and lumen output. This allows us to add light to where before, it was impossible.

Safety, Safety, and more Safety! – LED’s run much cooler to the touch than halogen lamps. This greatly reduces the risk of dry plant material catching fire because the fixture around it got too hot.